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The 7 Figure Sourcing Summit: The A to Z resource for all your Sourcing and Shipping Needs.

I pulled out my rolodex…

I called up my 7 and 8 Figure Seller and Sourcing Expert friends from all the different sourcing markets all over the world.

And I asked them to reveal their secrets to me so I could share them with YOU.

Thankfully, they said YES…

And even better…

When my friends heard about this event, more of them wanted to get in on it…

One 8 Figure Seller said that we should talk about negotiations and how to keep sourcing and shipping costs down during these turbulent times.

Another 7 Figure seller wanted to share his 11 Sourcing Strategies.

Another sourcing agent that worked with over 3,000 FBA sellers pointed out to me that we should really talk about hidden ways to optimize your sourcing to maximize your profits (even the biggest aggregators go to him for sourcing help).

So I said “100% – let’s do it…”

And I went on a mission to create the most complete sourcing resource that every e-com and Amazon seller should have access to…

…and that’s how the 7 Figure Sourcing Summit was born.

You won’t find a resource like this anywhere else…

Here’s why.

Learn from real 8 and 7 Figure Sellers sharing their best sourcing and shipping strategies (and what NOT to do)
Learn the best places you can source your product from regional sourcing experts and where NOT to waste your time (I did the hard work for you)
Shipping strategies to cut costs and save you time so you won’t overpay or stay out of stock
Live Panel discussions to get different perspectives on what’s working now and what’s not
Get your sourcing and shipping questions answered in Live Q&A Sessions
Additional bonuses to help you source your product like a pro
Last but not least I’ve curated only the most relevant and best sourcing content based on my over a decade experience in sourcing and supply chain on the ground in China working with hundreds of sellers and managing multi-million dollar sourcing campaigns.

I’d love to invite you to this online event and you can join for FREE on June 13-14, 2022.

Archived landing page: https://archive.ph/MZdCH


Margaret Jolly

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