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Are you having trouble finding your way around the business?

Are you a business lover but do not want to be busy with messy warehouses and tired cargo shipments?

Do you have a bunch of employees who are inefficient and do not make a profit?

With Amazon FBA, you can solve all that.

Amazon has been growing at a rapid pace, becoming the world’s No. 1 online ecommerce giant, turning Amazon’s Amazon man Jeff Bezos into the richest man on Earth with total assets of over 100. billion USD.

Amazon is also one of only a handful of companies that could reach $trillion in revenue in the near future. With billions of monthly hits, more than 300 million loyal customers and 100 million PRIME customers ready to spend more than $1300 on average each year, Amazon has beaten rivals such as Walmart, Target Store to dominate e-commerce market in USA and other countries such as Canada, Mexico, UK, Italy, Spain, France, Germany, Japan and Brazil.

Sales on Amazon is therefore an indispensable trend for every manufacturer and business in the world, including Vietnam.

Vietnam, with its favorable geographic position, with many production lines and skillful hands, is a special concern and attention of Amazon. So Amazon has been promoting many activities in Vietnam to help Vietnamese businesses, manufacturers in Vietnam bring Made in Vietnam to Amazon.

This May, the biggest and most intensive event of the Amazon FBA in Vietnam, with Amazon, Payoneer and leading Amazon FBA expert Anthony Bui Tran and his team who makes more than $10 million a year from Amazon will take place in two locations: Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City.

(Hanoi on May 12 & 13, Saigon on May 19 & 20). Anthony Bui Tran is also the admin of the group Amazon Seller Trade Craft – one of the few Amazon sales groups rated as top US efficiency today.

The Amazon FBA Freedom team is Amazon’s largest and most specialized Amazon FBA affiliate with over 11,000 members. Founding members are Tony Trieu and Alex Hien.

We believe this will be the program that will give you the most insight into your Amazon business opportunity, a milestone that will change the way you approach the mass market in the US and in many other countries around the world. via Amazon. This is also an opportunity to further promote the export of Vietnamese goods around the world.


What will you get when you join this event:

1. Direct directives from Amazon represent you with a right orientation and close to the market and comply with Amazon’s sales policy.

2. Payment and financial support from Payoneer helps you to pay quickly, conveniently, safely and effectively.

3. The share of the Amazon sales journey from the number 0 to the million-dollar revenue of the world’s leading experts on Amazon FBA.

4. Share on successful, failed lessons to help you understand the path that needs to go, the risks in the Amazon FBA business that you may encounter and help you avoid the risk.

5. Not only listen to the speakers, we spend 2 hours a day asking you directly to ask them questions that will help you answer the difficult questions you are facing. So be prepared for the questions in this program.


This is a ticketing program. There are 3 ticket levels you can choose from:

1. VIP: 1,990,000 VND

You are guaranteed comfortable chairs, drinking water, tea party with pastries and fruit.

2. PRO: 2,900,000 VND

You are given priority seats, close to the speaker, and are accompanied by slides and video of the speaker after the show.

3. PRIME: 9,900,000 VND

You have the privilege as VIP and PRO with the right photo, lunch with the speaker. This is an opportunity to meet and interact with Amazon, Payoneer and the world’s leading Amazon FBA experts.


There will be two extremely explosive and knowledgeable days with Amazon FBA. You will not be able to waste even one minute at this event. It can be a milestone for changing your business model, changing your life, helping you to be part of a generation of business pioneers and mastering life in the times of technology 4.0.

Please register early and come to the program because of the limited number of tickets.

Please check your ticket information and location to avoid confusion between the two venues.

Group members can receive preferential fares. If you have any questions, please contact us at hotline: 0972850618 (Ms. Trang).

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Capella Parkview -3Dang Van Sam Street, Ward 9, Ho Chi Minh City, Phu Nhuan District, Vietnam
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