Event description

SellerConnect Amsterdam 2018

A 3-Day Live Event In Amsterdam, August 10-12, Focused Exclusively On Giving Back To Our Incredible Students By Providing an Unforgettable Opportunity for Networking, Connecting, And Growing Your Business.

What you can expect from SellerConnect Amsterdam 2018, from August 10-12…

  • A welcome party, where we will meet, greet, and set the stage for an epic, unforgettable event.
  • High level training sessions with two speakers, where you’ll hear some of the latest, up to date business-building strategies that can scale your business to that next level you’re striving for.
  • Structured networking. I really like this term, because it doesn’t matter if you are an introvert or extrovert, we make it impossible NOT to meet someone! I always talk about doing 10,000 dollar tasks. Well, Networking is definitely a 10,000 dollar an hour task and we are creating the perfect scenario for you to be successful at it! (I’m really excited about this)
  • Free night Friday where you can explore the beauties of Amsterdam. It’s the perfect time to take a moment and venture out with your new friends and create memories.
  • Optional structured activities on Saturday during the day with Matt and Jason (additional cost will apply for the activities if you wish to participate). This will be a fantastic way to experience Amsterdam, while at the same time building solid relationships with other sellers.
  • On Saturday night, it’s time for the SellerConnect PARTY! We’ll be hosting a formal party where we dress up in our best and celebrate an incredible experience together. We wine, we dine, we dance, we laugh, we play, we simply just enjoy each others company.
  • If you want to (1) meet and connect with the right people, (2) form new partnerships to grow your business, (3) learn some profitable, new strategies for your business, and (4) just have some fun with us, then Seller Connect Amsterdam 2018 is the place you need to be.

However, there are five things you should know:

  • There are only 300 spots available. And they are first-come, first-serve. After we fill them, it’s gone.
  • We’ve decided to do this a bit differently. We are opening up the 300 spots first for invite only people who are taking action with Amazon and are getting results from that action and to people who have came to our previous mastermind events in the past. We value and appreciate your commitment to taking action.
  • We will not be offering any refunds for this event. If you are unable to attend, your money will be donated to the 1 Million 4 Anna Charity. This is an extremely limited event, and in order to lock in the absolute best deal possible for all attending, we have 0 margin for error.
  • This event was created for sellers who are a bit further along in their business to help them get to that next level. It is not designed for those that are just starting, don’t have a product live or have not taken any action.
  • We request that you stay with us at the Okura Amsterdam hotel, where the event is being held. This is a 500 dollar a night hotel, and to get the incredible rate of 230 dollars (USD) we need to fill the rooms and have a special surprise for all those that stay at the hotel.

Now, you probably want to know what your investment will be.

The price might shock you a little bit. That’s because our goal with this is NOT to make a profit.

This event is about three things:

  • You, and the opportunity to connect with like-minded people
  • Giving back to you, because you’ve been with us all this time
  • And most importantly, about helping you get better results with your business

In fact, if any profit is made, 100% of it will go to the “1 Million for Anna Charity,” a charity that helps those who are fighting cancer.

And that’s why the tickets to this unique, one-of-a-kind event are ONLY $597!

If you want to join us, connect with like-minded people, grow your business, and have an incredible unforgettable experience, click the link below and claim one of the only 300 spots available!

See you in Amsterdam!

Jason Katzenback
CEO and Co-founder of Amazing.com, Inc.

Archived landing page: https://archive.is/Awqzu