How to comply your product with European product safety legislation

E-commerce platforms in general, and specifically Amazon, are more and more taking your responsibility when it comes to product safety seriously. Certain products are classified by Amazon as requiring “pre-approval”. Product groups that need pre-approval include, but are not limited to, kitchen equipment, toys, lighting, batteries and chargers. For these product groups, Amazon requires you to upload the Declaration of Conformity before the product can be sold. Why does Amazon get stricter? Because when you for example import products from Asia and sell them on Amazon, you are fully responsible for making sure that your products comply with all mandatory safety requirements. These include requirements on the packaging, labelling, technical file and the declaration of conformity. The person or company that places a product on the European market, and not the supplier, is responsible for the product. Amazon pushes sellers to be aware of their responsibility. During this presntation, I will tell you how to comply with your product with European product safety legislation and prevent legal pitfalls.