The Cost of Private Label Sellers Ignoring their Product Compliance Responsibilities Just Got a Lot Larger- What Now?

In light of the courts recent findings that Amazon can be held liable for unsafe products the goal of the seminar will be to educate both Amazon sellers and team members on specific compliance criteria for specialized product groups. Selling noncompliant products is just as problematic as selling counterfeit products. For example, children’s products and personal protective equipment (HVSA garments, medical gowns) require strict adherence to federal regulations and conformity assessment standards (e.g. 16 CFR 1500, ANSI 107). Due to their highly technical nature, these criteria are not always well understood by the general public.
Of the frequent inquiries we receive from Amazon sellers on steps required to issue a COC (Certificate Of Compliance/Conformity), many do not understand the relevant tests that need to be performed, or value behind testing as they have never worked with a CPSC-approved laboratory before. We outline what a reasonable program of compliance entails and how it relates to removing noncompliant products from the supply chain.
By providing an educational overview on specific test methods and compliance standards required for highly regulated product categories, we can help Amazon sellers run their businesses more effectively and offer strategies to mitigate costly compliance issues. We explain the difference between Product Performance Specifications and Test Methods and how they give rise to a Certificate Of Conformity (COC).
The second intent of this seminar will be to raise awareness among both Amazon sellers and personnel on recent changes in Federal Legislation regarding consumer product safety and labeling, who it will impact, and how it will change Listing Requirements currently presented to Amazon sellers.
Our technical testing expertise across all consumer-facing industries and presence in National-level committees (ASTM, ANSI, ISO, AATCC, etc.) position us well to discuss changes in the regulatory landscape, and how it will affect selling in the online marketplace.