Greg Partee

Born and raised in a small town, Mt. Carmel, IL. Went to college and became a Mechanical Engineer. Got married in 1989 to my first and only wife Tammy and have one son, Zach who is now 25.

Worked and retired from the insurance industry after 20 years and started running live and online poker games. My family in IL has worked in the processing of marijuana at a plant doing everything from separating buds from the plant, pressing the plant to produce the oils, cooking and making CBD candies and delivering finished goods to the state for sales. I have learned and worked with everything from picking the plants to the final goods and have a complete understanding of CBD and the effects it has on the body.

With the combined experience of sales, marketing, product knowledge and the understanding of where CBD is going in the market place makes it a true opportunity for growth.

  • Company:Zilis
  • Short Bio:CBD Specialist
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