Jeff Leiber

Founder of TurnKey Product Management, which helps businesses launch and grow their sales on Amazon.

A few of the services offered:

Amazon Account & Product Listing Setup
Advertising Campaign Management
Organic Review Generation
Business Automation System
One-On-One Coaching
Free Amazon Revenue Estimation Report

Jeff Lieber, founder of Turnkey Product Management once dreamed of starting his own business, and he knew that Amazon would be the perfect channel to do it. He learned the ropes and soon, from selling one dog product, he quickly expanded his inventory, ventured into baby products, and then eventually sold his online business for six figures. Together with his cousin, Turnkey Client Manager Jenna Lieber and their team, they now help clients reap the full benefits of online marketing with focus on an informed, overall approach to Amazon product listing campaigns and strategies. Jeff & Jenna lend you their expertise on maximizing profits from your online business. Ease your worries and send us the questions that matter to you. Join us every month as these first-rate Amazon experts dive in on tips, trends, and practical advice on asset building that you should not miss as budding entrepreneurs in the ever-changing landscape of digital advertising and e-commerce marketing.

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