Johnathan Swart

Johnathan Swart signed up to sell on Amazon in 2015. His first FBA shipment was full of leftover items from eBay that he was flipping back in 2011. A few months after starting on Amazon he landed his first Wholesale Account and was officially hooked as an FBA seller. Like most sellers, the idea of a Private Label product loomed in the background and Johnathan dabbled with ideas in several categories ranging from photography to safety products to supplies, all the while he and Jannene (his bride), continued to prep inventory and send in FBA shipments as their business grew. While prepping the two of them often grew frustrated with the quality of the poly bags available. Especially with the need to be constantly flicking their wrists to get the tear off strip to come off of them. This, and other poor or lacking characteristics of poly bags on the market, frustrated and slowed down their productivity and efficiency. It ultimately was the fuel needed to start Johnathan down a journey of looking for a better poly bag supplier. After exhausting his efforts he started researching and developing his own poly bag line. Two and a half years later he launched and his line of iLoveIt!™ poly bags! They have since been called “The Lamborghini of Poly Bags!” due to the speed and performance that preppers are experiencing when using them. Since launching his PL, over 4.6 Million iLoveIt!™ poly bags have been purchased and used by fellow resellers. With four children, helping, Johnathan and Jannene run out of their garage, as they cycle through 21 pallets of inventory at any given time.

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