Philip von Mecklenburg-Blumenthal

Philip von Mecklenburg-Blumenthal has worked in a variety of roles at DB Schenker, one of the premier logistics companies in both Germany and the United States. Working with companies like Chanel, Prada, and other major retailers has given Philip a deep understanding of the needs and sensitivities of the market.

In his PhD thesis, he developed a product to secure ocean freight rates with financial derivatives. Von Mecklenburg is currently building on Freightos’ established global success by expanding online freight automation for shippers, including FBA sellers.

In his workshop, Philip will draw from deep freight experience to share how online sellers can plan and execute international imports from Asia, including supply chain planning, mode selection, tapping into Amazon’s growing presence in Western Europe and more. This lecture will also include an interactive Q&A so bring your freight questions!

  • Company:VP Sales Freightos Marketplace
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