Event description

No fancy website needed to promote the event. It’s better to spend money making sure you get the most value possible from attending.

If you know Kevin, you know his BDSS events bring it with A+++ content that can make a huge difference in your Amazon business.
This is BDSS #5, the second time it is virtual. BDSS is widely considered the best event for 7, 8 & 9 figure Amazon sellers.

No two BDSS events are the same – different speakers & new actionable high-level content every time. Please note there are no refunds.
If you cannot make it to this virtual event, the next in-person BDSS will be happening August 14-19, 2022 in Austin TX.

Live Event Schedule:
February 22: 6pm EST to 9pm EST **** Informal virtual mixer, come and go as you please
February 23: 10am EST until 8pm EST **** Presentations
February 24: 10am EST until 9:30pm EST **** Presentations and Famous Ninja Hack Contest

Archived landing page: https://archive.md/wip/pPV3l