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Our 2018 Simplezonseller Event was a smash hit, we decided to do it again in 2019!! Come and be part of a very unique and life-changing event! We have been able to pull some of the best speakers in their industry all in one place to educate and present to you! They are experts in their field and you will leave with a plethora of knowledge! It is all things Amazon, but this year, we are adding other different streams of income you can learn about. It is important to DIVERSIFY!

RETAIL ARBITRAGE — Learn secrets from some of the experts on how to go to stores like Walmart, Dollar Tree and more and find items for a low price and can sell for a profit on Amazon!

ONLINE ARBITRAGE — Learn how to stay home and find products while in your pj’s if you want! We have some of our experts that will show you how they work 8 hours a week making 6 figures a year!

WHOLESALE — Learn how to find wholesale companies that will allow you to buy items in bulk quantities. Learn some tricks of the trade on how you can find replenishable items that you can just buy over and over again and make great profits on Amazon!

PRIVATE LABEL — we will introduce you to the world of finding items online that you can brand and make your own! Imagine being able to have several products that you can order over and over again with an email or phone call, have them sent to Amazon and watch your profits soar!

AMAZON MERCH — we have some experts that can show you a whole new world of Amazon. From having Amazon create shirts, hoodies and more for you and then fulfill the orders! Learn what this program is all about and how you can do this with very little capital. Learn how to build relationships to grow your business!

SHOPIFY — learn how to go from zero to millions with your store. Learn what road blocks had to be overcome and some super secret sauce to help your sales skyrocket!

OUTSOURCING — learn how to outsource your business to people overseas for less than $250/month for full-time! Learn how to create systems that work for you so you are not growing this business alone!

DROPSHIPPING — learn some ways that you can take minimal capital to start and “flip” it on amazon/ebay. You don’t have to store inventory! Learn this awesome method!

MINDSET TECHNIQUES — learn how to pick yourself back up and learn from failures. Learn how to make those failures help you to rise up and succeed. Many more ideas will be shared!

BUNDLING — how to put together unique items to make your product more competitve!

USING INSTAGRAM, ETSY, and PINTEREST to get traffic to your ecommerce sites and more!

COUPONING — learn how this can add extra dollars to your pocket!

Learn all about Kindle, Print, and Audiobook Publishing!

BOOK FLIPPING — we are so excited to have an expert speak to us in this field!

INTERNATIONAL SELLING — Amazon is a great platform to make some serious $. Why limit the possibilities to only the US?

CREATING FUNNELS and your own ONLNE BUSINESS — learn how creating an asset for yourself will help bring you steady, monthly income!

TRAFFIC METHODS — there are many ways to get traffic to your sites. We will be showing you many ways to do so.

And SO MUCH MORE! You don’t want to miss this very unique and life-changing event!

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Tim Jordan

  • Hickory Flats & Private Label Legion
  • CEO & Founder

Bryan Bowman

  • AMZ Profit Pros, eCom Underground, LLC
  • CEO, Founder

Ann Sieg

  • E-Commerce Business School
  • Founder


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