Event description

If you are an internet business building warrior, it’s time to be thinking about the “Opportunity Landscape” of 2022.
Wouldn’t it be great to hang out with other serious, ethical, successful and EXPERIENCED Ecommerce warriors?
Do you want the confidence that comes from knowing how to tackle the new year and new opportunities with confidence and creativity?
We are all facing the reality of rapid change and challenge right now. With the proper motivation and training however, OPPOSITION always leads to OPPORTUNITY!
Arm yourself with motivation and specific, proven strategies by spending time with a team of trusted ecommerce leaders who will be discussing Amazon, eBay, Leadership, Mindset and Multiple-Income-Streams.

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Matt Thompson

  • In-Shape Health Clubs
  • Director of Ecommerce & Digital Marketing

Roger Morton

  • EMR
  • Managing Director for Technology and Innovation

Brian Olson

  • Humach
  • Director of Agent and Client Engagement