15 Automation Tools and an Advanced Crash Course on How to Use Them

During our three hour session together, we will do a crash course into the little known features I’ve discovered over the years with my clients. We will examine why the tools are valuable, and delve deeper into their hidden features. We’ll be moving fast so don’t expect us to cover everything. However, you will be excited about what we do!

Gmail – Filters, labs, and plugins, as well as configurations you need to know about
Streak – A CRM built into Gmail
Google Sheets – Formulas Excel can only dream of and instant access to data
Clipboard Managers – Why every single e-commerce seller in the world will save 10 mins a day installing one of these
Google Tag Manager – What is it? Why you should install on your website, and how to use it to create your own affiliate program
Google Drive vs DropBox vs Box – Are all your files in the cloud? The good, the bad, the amazing!
Hotjar – Ever wanted to sit down with your customers and watch them browse your website? Now you can!
Zapier – An automation tool that can connect to over 1,500 apps and any API out there
Trello – A Kanban task management tool for teams and individuals – not just for developers
Airtable – A human readable database – no this is not a Spreadsheet. Build your own PIM (Product Information Management)
Notion – A super flexible note taking Wiki system
Active Campaign – A marketing automation system with built in CRM