Advanced Chatbot Ranking and Review Strategies for Amazon Private Label Sellers

Take your Amazon game to the next level with advanced chat bot building strategies with Amazon Chat Bot Queen, Michelle Barnum Smith. In this workshop you will get hands on experience with advanced ManyChat campaign templates to help you Rank and Review your listings. We’ll setup each template step-by-step and connect to Facebook Ads as well as setup as a promoted message or broadcast to your existing subscribers. Prerequisites include experience with ManyChat Pro, preferably an existing ManyChat list of at least 1,000 subscribers and familiarity with Facebook Ads. If you’re new to ManyChat, checkout Michelle’s free training for setting up a subscriber campaign to help you attract subscribers to your own ManyChat Launch List. It is critical that every attendee of this workshop already have some experience with ManyChat Pro, and have an account that they can access during the workshop.