Advanced Facebook Strategies to Supercharge Your eCommerce And Take Back Control From Amazon

This workshop is for you if you want to become a real business, grow your customer list, and have a dependable source of customers outside of Amazon. If you want real control over your business, you can’t depend on Amazon, because Amazon looks at your customers as their customers.

Amazon has taken even more steps to limit buyer-seller communication and relationships, Facebook is one of the best tools to take control of the customer interaction and boost your Amazon sales.

In this workshop with Zack, you will:

  • Learn how top sellers are using Facebook to build a repeatable process to make any product an instant best seller
  • Learn how to use Facebook’s data to find out exactly who your real customers are and how to reach them
  • Discover how to steal potential customers from other groups and market to them
  • Know how to create a successful Facebook Group – the best free traffic source there is and how to keep it active
  • Create your first Manychat sequence and use it to launch products, get reviews, and upsell your current customers
  • Understand the basics of Facebook Paid Advertising and some tips and tricks to avoid burning money
  • Learn how to create ads and basic videos for your products
  • Track your campaign results for Amazon using a Facebook feature none of the “gurus” are talking about


  • Laptop
  • A business Facebook page