Advanced Techniques Launching A New Product Using Amazon Advertising

We will share proprietary data and analysis that will provide the audience valuable insights into the performance and best practices for optimizing Amazon advertising performance. We examine key trends relating to the most important metrics that impact seller’s advertising performance. This data would be anonymized but using our scale we would be able to share market data on metrics including: ACOS by category, Total ACOS metrics (total attribution + the relationship between advertising and organic revenue), and average spend across categories. We provide case studies where we could demonstrate the correct amount of advertising spent on launching a product and non-linear nature of ACOS early on during a product launch. We share data on the performance of different advertising units. e.g. SP vs. HAS, as well as information on the relationship between advertising, pricing, and inventory supply. Join us for this event to gain a better understanding of the key levers that can be used to maximize advertising performance on Amazon today.