Amazon Sponsored Products & Ams Best Practices: Analysis of 70 Million Keywords

Amazon Sponsored Products has quickly grown to be one of the most important areas for sellers on Amazon. Yet despite the sheer volume of sellers now advertising on Amazon, the complexity of setting up and managing PPC campaigns continues to frustrate sellers.

Based on the analysis of more than 70 million Amazon keywords, we will measure the competitiveness of different product categories to find hidden keywords that will drive profitable traffic.

We will establish benchmarks for click through rates (CTR), conversion rates (CR), cost per click (CPC), etc, based on the analysis of thousands of Amazon seller accounts, which will help sellers measure the performance of their own PPC campaigns.

We will also compare the performance of different AMS advertising types; Sponsored Products, Product Display Ads, and Headline Search Ads.

Through our analysis we will derive the best seller practices for Amazon PPC campaign structure, user match types, negative keywords, and bidding strategies.

Target audience:

The sessions targets every seller and vendor that is actively using AMS to promote their products. Basic knowledge about how AMS works is required (e.g. what are sponsored products, what are manual and auto campaigns) so sellers who don’t know anything about AMS should not be attending. However, no expert level is required.