Build Brand Loyalty on Amazon (and Beyond): Seven Touchpoints for Private Label Sellers

Today’s product label brands face an enormous challenge: they must make their products the obvious choice in a crowded market that’s only becoming more saturated with savvier, flashier, cheaper competitors. The private label brands who rise to the top will be the ones who consistently and strategically convey a strong, clear brand message—one that turns transactions into experiences, makes a memorable impression on their customers, and reaches their customers on an emotional level.

Since 2001, Meny Hoffman and his team at Ptex Group have been helping businesses grow their products from the ground up into winning brands, with some reaching over eight figures in sales. In this practical, information-packed session, he’ll be walking you through the seven key touchpoints that Amazon sellers should be leveraging to build a brand that gets them noticed in a noisy marketplace, helps them generate the kind of brand loyalty that drives profits—and most importantly, enables them to scale their business on their own terms, on Amazon and beyond.