Controlling Your Price, Distribution, and Sales Velocity on Amazon: A Workshop for Manufacturers, Brand Owners, and Resellers

Robyn Johnson & Eddie Levine are two of the most respected and well known experts in the eCommerce Industry. With a combined 23 years of experience between them, they know what it takes to properly manage a brand and their resellers when it comes to selling on Amazon. In order to both protect your brand and achieve the highest rate of sales possible, brand owners must become smarter with regards to the customers that they are selling to or the customers who approach them looking to establish a wholesale account. In this session, Robyn & Eddie will share advanced tips for brands who are either starting on or struggling with Amazon as a sales channel and will also provide detailed insight into how they manage the dozens of brands between them. They will offer cover topics such as product optimization, trade show do’s and don’ts, the differences between 1st party selling and 3rd party, what you need to know about MAP, authorized seller enforcement, and much more. Each of them offer a unique approach and that allows you to benefit by hearing about the various ways you’ll be able to grow your own brand!