Expanding from 3p to 1p

How to begin

  • Vendor Express (self-service route)
  • Demonstrated success (sales, reviews, etc)
  • Vendor Manager role

Keys to being successful

  • Negotiating terms (what to expect)
  • Margin structure (selling at wholesale is different)
  • Distribution strategy & policy (will you be subject to 3P competition?)
  • Inventory and fulfillment (allocating inventory, bulk replenishment, direct fulfillment)
  • Leveraging 1P benefits (AMS, VSS, Vine Prime Now, Pantry, etc. subject to change!)
  • Content authority / Brand Registry
  • Vendor Central and self-sufficiency (use the tools)
  • Exercising caution
  • Product Availability Policy (MOA)
  • Leading on price with your 3P account
  • CRaP

Target Audience: Sellers with demonstrated success selling private label product and/or exclusive distribution