Expanding Beyond Amazon: Google Shopping Campaign Build-Out & Optimization To Attract Profitable Customers to your site

A strong presence on Google Shopping expands your ecommerce reach by 25%.  The growth opportunity is even greater when you consider the additional order value, profitability, and loyalty from directing customers to your own website.  Given the intense competition among Google Shopping advertisers, however, a default campaign build-out often brings embarrassingly weak results out-of-the-gate.

Gleaned from the experience of profitably managing over $250 million in multi-channel advertising spend across Google and Amazon, this session will show you how to transfer insights from your Amazon performance into high-performing Google Shopping campaign build-outs.

This session will also cover ongoing campaign optimization techniques needed to sustain your growth momentum, such as uncovering specific keywords to segment your Google Shopping traffic and maximize conversions on your site.  Finally, you’ll discover how to build a holistic ecommerce strategy by closing the attribution loop between direct sales from your website and sales on from Amazon.