Global Ecommerce Marketplaces Exist and Are Not Called Amazon.. Are you Looking at the Opportunity or Not?

How should attend: Marketplace sellers that have sales above $5 million per year.  Sellers that feel that they have reached peak market penetration on Amazon. Sellers that sell on all of Amazons international marketplaces (UK, Germany, India, Mexico etc).
Those who should not attend: Marketplace sellers that are looking to leave Amazon based on decrease in sales based on negative reports and those who have been threatened with a ban in the last 12 months. Also sellers that are not aware of their unit economics and are looking to scale.

I plan to cover –
1.  Why Global cross border is going to determine the winners in marketplace sellers? (Your customers are now in multiple countries outside your normal markets.)
2. Future proofing your business if you are selling on Amazon UK (Brexit has a double sided impact -> more competitors as selling in Europe is going to become more expensive and customers are going to be looking at Commonwealth markets)
3. What are the next steps on growing your business outside of Amazon and where?
4. Tactically – the importance of phased approach, understanding customs and market differences.
5. Why Asia, Middle East and Africa is open for the new sellers whom can sell and perform; and help the marketplaces as well.
6. Alibaba and Amazon is not your friend and will become giants whom dominate global ecommerce.