The Growth Hacker’S Guide To E-Commerce: Sideways Thinking 101

Infamous for pranking his roommate with eerily targeted Facebook ads, Brian has spent years deconstructing viral traffic and crafting a rubric for continued success. Featured by Forbes, Business Insider, AdWeek, and more; in this session he shares the strategic lens and raw logic required for driving (profitable) viral growth for your e-commerce business.
In 2015, he used this framework to drive 156,000 page views to an eCommerce experiment in under 24 hours with $0 in advertising… while maintaining a 2.8% conversion rate. This project was sidelined, scaled up, and ultimately became ‘Shit that Glows’ a media publisher and online community built atop Shopify’s eCommerce platform. In his session, Brian will share the strategic elements that enabled his team to sidestep convention and the thought processes behind them.
Learn how to recruit a team of rockstar partners, attract A-list influencers without funding, develop stories in the media, and… drive viral traffic to your eCommerce business.
Discover the answer to the question, “What if we didn’t have to do this the normal way?”

Brian Swichkow