How Two Teens Built a World Renown Brand From Nothing

How do you create a successful brand from scratch?

No one is better suited to explain the ins and outs of creating a successful brand like Andres Ocampo. Andres Ocampo is the Co-Founder of ENTRPRNR®, a social media content-driven lifestyle brand dedicated to representing entrepreneurship, the hustle, and everything in between.

The key to the success of ENTRPRNR has been the masterful positioning of their brand. In this class you will learn how to emulate their success, how to diversify your sales channels and position your brand for growth.

Andres will share his blueprint for success with ENTRPRNR. The goal ENTRPRNR goal is to bridge entrepreneurship and the fashion world together through the delivery of self-made culture fused with contemporary design.

What is the goal of your brand?

Andres will explain the importance of taking full control and ownership of your company through perfecting the entire customer experience.

How do I grow beyond Amazon?

In this class, you will be shown how to gain independence from Amazon by building your Direct-to-Consumer funnel and freeing your brand from Amazon’s bureaucratic grasp.