Improving Organic Ranking And Paid Placement Visibility Through Content Optimization

For many Amazon sellers, optimizing product content is misunderstood and underutilized. Most focus on strong content’s ability to increase listing relevancy, leading to a potential lift in organic ranking. But content can have a much more significant impact on both organic and paid visibility on Amazon through its ability to drive sales performance history.
With the volatile nature of Amazon’s policies, sellers need to be investing dollars more wisely by weighing the typical short-term investments like giveaways and aggressive Sponsored Products bids against long-term investments in creative and copy.
Ex-Amazonian and CPC Strategy’s Head of Amazon Strategy, Pat Petriello, will outline how content impacts both organic ranking as well as Sponsored Products performance. You’ll learn the steps you can take as a seller to improve your content today, a new metric for how to most accurately measure conversion rate, and how to most effectively allocate budget to sustain long term growth on Amazon.
Pat Petriello