Know Insurance Requirements and Responsibilities and Liabilities for Product Safety


As Amazon starts to be held accountable more and more for product safety on its platform, requiring insurance and paying out customer claims, what responsibilities and liability might you be incurring as a seller? This presentation can help you understand what insurance requires of you to pay out, what a court case would require, and how to avoid either of these unpleasant situations to begin with.

Key Takeaways

  •  Hear what “due diligence” is, and what the steps are to ensure you’ve met the legal minimum
  •  Uncover how to submit documents to Amazon so they’ll actually be accepted (although not always on the first try!)
  •  Discover how labs can help you not only with legal and safety issues, but also in achieving 5-star quality products
  •  Prepare your business for sale by ensuring your legal ducks are in a row for product compliance
Rachel Greer