How To Leverage Marketplaces To Drive Domestic & Global Expansion

The global e-commerce market is continuously evolving at a fast pace and Australian brands and retailers must keep up with the new opportunities these market changes represent to stay ahead of the competition and meet growing demands. Marketplaces present the Australian e-commerce industry with opportunities for expansion domestically as well as helping Retailers and Brands expand their geographic footprint.

Join Simon Clarkson, ChannelAdvisor’s Managing Director, Australia, for this exclusive session to learn how to unleash your e-commerce potential and leverage Marketplaces for global growth.

During this session you will learn:

– Marketplaces: How to drive growth through local Marketplaces like Amazon, Catch & eBay.

– Cross Border Trade: How the Australian e-commerce industry can take advantage of cross border trading, and how to launch and prepare for this opportunity via Marketplaces.

Simon Clarkson