Manufacturing: My Self Funded Startup Journey to China

Join Emma Kruger the founder of RIFF RAFF & CO to find out how she created a revenue stream of 2 million pa in sales (within 3 years) by manufacturing in China, all financed by an $8,000 loan.

This session is ideal for people that are looking to develop a product by manufacturing offshore.

Emma will share great pearls of wisdom about her journey and inspire you to develop new revenue streams and products.

Topics covered:

  • Product Development
  • Timeline to launch
  • Platforms utilisation such as Upwork
  • Factory tips. What to look for and avoid
  • Prototype development. (Aust vs China)
  • What can be outsourced?
  • How to navigate Alibaba
  • Shipping and taxes
  • Knowing when to launch
  • Independent quality assessors
  • Prices for perceived value
  • Referral Programs (How we do $40-50K per month in referrals alone)
  • Q & A