Measure Your Advertising Outcomes: Are You Maximizing Your Growth?

Advertising is an essential part of selling on Amazon. Most healthy accounts have a PPC contribution of at least 30%, so don’t be clueless about measuring the effectiveness of this significant portion of your sales. You absolutely need to know how to inspect the data so you can maximize the outcomes. This hands-on workshop will include steps for conducting a PPC account self-audit, SOPs, checklists and data analysis tools and techniques that you can use to measure your performance,
Key Takeaways

  •  Determine which ads to focus on by analyzing the relationship between KPI’s and ad measurements
  •  Assess your account health by reviewing the signs of account health
  •  Troubleshoot common advertising problems to get the outcomes you want
  •  Spot opportunities to boost advertising sales and to use data to scale up
  •  Know advanced advertising techniques that are used by well-managed agencies
Ritu Java