Nailing Item Set Up By Avoiding The 5 Biggest Catalog Mistakes

Success on Amazon is systematic.  Assuming that products have customer appeal, they will be successful on the Amazon platform if they are: properly and accurately set up; consistently in-stock; receiving traffic & activity to drive automated marketing programs.

Individual detail pages vary, but the most successful ones avoid the 5 Biggest Catalog Mistakes:

  1. Telling yourself that you can “always fix it later” – sometimes slower is faster; avoid sloppy initial setup
  2. Failing to leverage the item detail page: images, variations, browse, search
  3. Underutilizing “free marketing space” on the detail page – Amazon gives you 4,500 characters for the detail page and another 1,000 for search; use them all
  4. Working at cross-purposes to the Amazon search engine – understand how Amazon’s search engine works and build your pages accordingly
  5. Deliberately subverting Amazon’s rules – Don’t
Chelle Hammer