What You Need to Know About Product Compliance and Liability to Protect your Business

61% of sellers in a recent survey stated they are afraid of getting suspended – but what are the liability issues that Amazon is trying to correct through their performance team?

Lori Jurans, an experienced marketplace seller and partner in WELL Insurance, and Rachel Greer, experienced Amazon consultant and former Amazon employee, help sellers understand how to mitigate their compliance and liability risks. Lori and Rachel understand what Amazon requires but more importantly the way that sellers are missing the mark that can really hurt their business. Lori experienced a Customs seizure due to regulatory risk herself, and is passionate about helping sellers understand their risks and proactively protect their business assets.

In this presentation, sellers will learn ways to mitigate their risks and liabilities through preventive compliance efforts, and what types of insurance to get to cover their business should they choose to buy insurance.