Why Your Online Store Should Be Buying Facebook Advertising

In this session you’ll learn the steps you need to take in order to be fully optimised for success using Facebook Ads.

There are now over 4 million advertisers using Facebook Ads, but many struggle with even the fundamentals while trying to get success with the platform.

Learn :

* How to install and configure the Facebook Pixel
* The different types of ads you have available and which type is right for your eCommerce business
* The types of targeting you can set up on Facebook Ads
* How to import your existing customer email list to either cross-sell, upsell or exclude from your advertising activity
* How Facebook remarketing could work for your business
* How to sell products from your online eCommerce store directly on Facebook
* 7 common mistakes that new Facebook advertisers make that wastes money
* How you can avoid getting your Facebook ad account shut down
* The different types of Facebook Ads you could buy, including advertising on Instagram
* Configuring your Facebook Ads campaigns for success
* Scaling your Facebook Ads campaigns using optimisation

If you’ve wanted to understand how Facebook Advertising might work for your business, this will be the session for you to come to.

Jim Banks