Plan and Navigate Your Course to Ensure Shipping Capacity and Mitigate Costs

The rising costs of shipping and uncertainties of the supply chain are here indefinitely. Cutting inherent costs to selling internationally is more important than ever before. In the perilous supply chain arena, you can’t afford (literally) to sit on the sideline. Selling overseas This session will shed light on global and regional factors affecting delivery times and freight costs and provide insight into the mindset and priorities of carriers and freight forwarders.

Key Takeaways

  • Compare supply chain challenges for getting products into the U.S. vs the EU
  •  Ensure space and reduce your rates in end-to-end contracts for your product
  •  Weigh benefits and costs of being a direct importer (i.e. establishment in EU) vs indirect importer (i.e. using an IOR)
  •  Look at the buying cycle and know when and how you should negotiate
  •  Learn the language of carriers (e.g. “named account”)
John Esborn