Put Your Company in a Position To Say “Yes”

Solution focused session to enable you to meet customer’s expectations for delivery from one of the largest eCommerce drop-shipping providers in the U.S.

Customer’s choices today are endless, customer’s expectations run a similar path. In a world where consumers have access to limitless choice with online access, how can you say “YES”, and how do you provide a price so the consumer will say “YES”?

Part of the reason eCommerce companies can provide such low pricing is because the good ones have very complex shipping networks designed specifically to ship single piece shipments, from anywhere to anywhere across all levels of service depending on price points, sizes, and types of shipments. Building a network of carriers that can handle this level of flexibility is hard enough, to pump enough volume through all the carriers to get competitive pricing is even harder. How does anyone have the ability to say “Yes” to customers who expect you to meet their demands that they have been trained to expect by the largest online retailer? The answer is that it is very difficult to build this yourself, but there is a very good solution. You need to have a very clear drop-ship model that will enable you to say “Yes” or more importantly get the customer to say “Yes”.

This solutions focused breakout session is led by Chris Carroll, Vice President of Freight Club. They ship 1.5m drop shipments a year for the largest retailers, eCommerce, and manufacturers. Freight Club offers an instant model for you to say “Yes” by providing you with enterprise shipping rates across seven levels of delivery service from any zip code in the US. to any zip code in the U.S. With over 100 carriers who instantly provide rates into one integrated platform that can be connected easily into your ERP systems or web sites to instantly rate, book, label generate and track. Unlike other platforms that only do the data connection and rely on your carrier rates, Freight Club provides the same rates as the largest players. This not only gives you the infrastructure and technology, but provides the rates you need to be profitable and allow you to say “Yes”.