Selling Into China – Why Your Goods Are A Luxury Item In China

For many decades China has remained closed off to Western brands and products, however with the opening up of the Chinese market in the past 20 years coupled with the emergence of eCommerce in recent years – companies now have the best chance possible to connect directly with Chinese consumers. Importantly as China previously engaged in strict protectionism policy – western goods that are now being sold in China are being seen as luxury items by the Chinese consumers attracting a higher yield than in their home countries.

Chris Morley, Managing Director of Premium Australia Foods has helped Australian food producers sell their products online in China for as much as a 300% mark up on Australian retail prices – and food is not alone as many other foreign made goods also attract the attention and wallets of the emerging middle class and above in China. Join Chris at Retail Global as he dissects why your goods are a luxury in China and how eCommerce can help you take advantage of the opportunity in China.

Chris Morley