Sex Sells! – Learnings from the Adult Industry to Expand your Brand Locally & Globally

Why is the adult toy and lingerie industry a pioneer for local brands on a global level?

Lovehoney Australia went from a bedroom to market leaders in under 5 years and we want to share how!

5 Key Takeaways

    • We sell in a global marketplace – you need a global view – and how do you do this
    • Adoption of technology – seamless interactions
    • Customer Service focus – putting the customer first every-time
    • Social media & Ad Spend- how to cut through on social media & make your $$ work
    • Aussie – be loud & proud – how to use your Aussie background

This session will appeal to small to medium companies – from startups to senior managers/owners/directors, We have heaps of fun, informative and priceless lessons from the 6 years in Oz and 18 years globally

Plus some interactive stuff with the audience!!