Stream Session A: How I Improved SERP Visibility for a Client by Over 1400% in 4 Months

SEO seems to be an evolving game of cat and mouse. Sure, the tactics used change, but the goal of upping your rankings is constant, and achieving that goal is often like trying to catch a very small, quickly moving mouse. Some people may have read up on the trend SEO is dying, and while you may be convinced of it, the 1400% growth I achieved in simply 4 months by strictly adhering to white hat tactics demonstrates otherwise. Ever since businesses were no longer within close proximity to their consumers, they have had a need to be found. There will always be a need for experts in the field to help those people with visibility. And that’s why SEO will never truly die, it will just adapt to the ever changing landscape. Back in August I had a client come on board who wanted just that, to be found. In my session I will discuss how I helped them not only be found, but far surpass their yearly SEO goals in just 4 months.