Stream Session D: Building a Multi-Million Dollar WHOLESALE Business on Amazon

With the recent launch of Amazon Australia, most sellers will find themselves in one of two situations: “How do I start a business under the wholesale model?” or “How do I grow my existing wholesale business?” First, it’s important to realize exactly what wholesale means. It’s different from private label where you have the complexities of launching a new product or brand in an often crowded field. Under the wholesale model, the products you source are the same ones that are already selling well in the market right NOW!

Having built their business from a $5,000 personal credit card charge in 2012, into the multi-million dollar operation that it is today, Eddie & Greg understand the challenges of all sellers, both new and existing. Their company, Wholesale Breakthrough, focuses solely on the wholesale business model and sources inventory directly from manufacturers and authorized distributors. They offer multiple value-added services to their suppliers including listing improvements, multi-channel sales, and operational guidance, which has been crucial to the success of their business. In Eddie & Greg’s session, they will teach you the fundamental aspects of how they purchase and sell some of the best EXISTING brands and products through their eCommerce channels, and how YOU can do it too!