Want More Traffic to Your Business? Don’t Miss out on the Magic of Walmart.com

As you look to your grow your sales and brand potential, you need to consider a lot of different sales channels. Over the years, Tim Jordan has seen Walmart improve their capabilities, infrastructure, and ease of use for legitimate sellers. This rapid-fire presentation covers ALL of the top questions -the good, the bad, and the ugly when it comes to selling on Walmart and how WalMart can create MUCH more traffic to your business.
•Learn the who/when/why of Walmart
•Understand how Walmart is “playing nice” with Google, Shopify, and others
•See the process for applying, getting approved, and beginning with ease
•Identify most impactful factors on ranking and optimization on WalMart
•Compare the strategies and find alignments for driving traffic on Walmart and Amazon
•Research and vet top products based on demand

Tim Jordan