Workshop On Amazon Sponsored Products

Amazon’s increasingly competitive marketplace has increased the need for sellers to use Sponsored Products. Amazon Sponsored Products advertising is the only seller tool available to display products outside of organic search results. Sponsored Product ads improve product discoverability when shoppers search Amazon, and in turn help drive sales and organic search ranking. Efficiently creating and optimizing Sponsored Products advertising campaigns should be a core skill set for sellers of all sizes.

This workshop will provide insights and skills to help sellers improve their Sponsored Product campaigns.

  • How to create new campaigns with automatic and manual targeting.
  • How to establish campaign strategies and goals. Defining an achievable ACoS goal (Advertising Cost of Sales).
  • How to analyze campaign performance using Sponsored Products reports (Search Term Report, Campaign Performance Report).
  • How to apply optimizations to your campaigns through bid adjustments, negative keywords, and new keyword match types.
  • How to utilize any new Sponsored Product features and tools which Amazon introduces in 2016 and 2017.

This will be a hands on workshop where you will practice analyzing Amazon advertising reports. You will also need to bring a copy of your search term report which you will analyze using the techniques presented during the workshop. If you consider yourself an advanced or expert user of Sponsored Products then this workshop may be more of a review. If you are using Sponsored Products today but rarely or don’t use the Search Term report or negative keywords, then this workshop is for you.

NOTE: There is an extra charge for this workshop. Pre-registration is required through PROSPER Show site. Space is limited to 70 people.

Mike Ziegler