Workshop: Clickfunnels for ecommerce Sellers

This workshop is intended for sellers looking to diversify and build a sales channel off of Amazon. We will discuss using ClickFunnels as a lead capture platform before sending traffic to Amazon listings. However, the real value of ClickFunnels for eCommerce sellers is creating highly converting sales funnels that increase average cart value and allow you to still leverage your FBA stock and fulfillment. A laptop is required since we’ll be creating your sales funnels during the workshop. While the Facebook Ads and ClickFunnels workshops may be taken independently, they work in tandem as one teaches you how to drive traffic and the other how to convert that traffic into sales.

ClickFunnels is one of the fastest growing software companies in the world and for good reason. The software was built with one thing in mind – conversions. If you’re an eCommerce seller you must know about ClickFunnels and how to leverage funnels in your business. ClickFunnels can serve as a stand-alone shopping cart that integrates with your FBA stock or as simple a lead capture device before sending traffic to your Amazon store. In this ClickFunnels intensive, we’ll cover funnel strategy and deploy your first funnel so you can start making more sales and building your customer list.