Workshop: Fortune 500 Supply Chain Management for Amazon Private Label Sellers

You are a small fish in a big ocean. Every container, every air shipment, every palette is important. You are running a “just in time” supply chain with spreadsheets and phone calls. I know you. I know your struggles.

Are you getting the best service from your broker? Are you pre-clearing all your import shipments? Do you know how to prevent paying storage and demurrage?  Is your inventory going to arrive on time? Not sure….

In this three-hour session, I will teach you how to manage your import supply chain like a pro. I will explain the significance of the key milestones of the import supply chain. I will coach you on how to ensure you are getting the best service, an efficient supply chain and predictable on-time delivery.

In this workshop, we will discuss:

  • Import Supply Chain Milestones – What They Are and Why They Matter
  • Reporting and Metrics – How to Use Data to Improve Your Supply Chain
  • Incoterms – What They Are and How They Impact Control of Your Supply Chain

Bonus Topic

Three Things You Need to Know About Shipping with Amazon Global Logistics