Workshop On Private Label & Supply Chain Management In China (Pl)

Building a successful private label brand with innovative products can lead to increased sales, profitability, market protection and company value. To achieve this usually means developing your own product line in China either by creating a brand new product or tweaking an existing off-the-shelf item. Subsequently, it is essential to maintain a reliable and consistent supply chain including good quality, competitive pricing and on-time deliveries. All of the above is a major challenge for all business owners, especially when faced with development and manufacturing for the first time and further complicated by issues of language, culture and distance.

This workshop will provide insights, best practices, real examples and templates to assist attendees in finding good suppliers, manufacturing their own products faster, more efficiently and to higher quality as well as maintaining a reliable supply chain. It will also delve into deeper areas of discussion including law and finance to improve terms, lessen risk and even how to employ your own staff and/or setup your own company in China.

Part 1 – Product Development, Manufacturing, Supply Chain Management & QC


China cautionary tales

Product development & pre-manufacturing cycle including supplier selection process

Quality Assurance Plan & QC Inspections

Q&A Session


Part 2 – Chinese Law & Finance


Update on Chinese Economy

Regional Manufacturing Intelligence Brief – Inside China

Chinese Contract Law in a Nutshell

Obtaining Credit Terms from China – Best Practices

Setting up Your Presence in Greater China – Hong Kong vs PRC.



A free resource download link will be provided to all attendees including:

NDA in Chinese/English

Purchase Contract in Chinese/English

Factory Audit Template

AQL Table

Quality Inspection Template

NOTE: There is an extra charge for this workshop. Pre-registration is required through PROSPER Show site. Space is limited to 70 people.