Amy Hsiao

Amy is a sought-after trademark attorney & brand strategist. She helps Western companies to grow and protect brands in China.

She is widely recognized as an expert in China’s trademark system. She has over 10 years of large US law firm experience and has served as the China subject matter expert for various organizations around the world. She has pursued cases through all levels within China’s system, had over 100 opposition wins, and was selected by officials to work on the 1st China TM Textbook for the Western World.

Over her career, Amy has devised China branding strategies for Fortune 100 companies, supervised anti-counterfeiting programs from Korea to Bangladesh, obtained public apologies from Chinese infringers, and championed Western concerns which led to policy changes in China.

A Chinese native and a US-trained attorney, Amy uses her expertise in China’s legal system to help Western companies cross various cultural, linguistic, experience gaps and thrive.

  • Short Bio:China Branding Expert & Trademark Attorney
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