Bob Steele

Started selling on eBay in 1998, but never much as a business. My Amazon account was started in Q4 2012 after seeing a presentation by Chris Green. I started with $5,000 on credit cards to buy inventory and grew steadily over the next few years. I did Amazon part time and worked a full time corporate job as a purchasing manager for a small electronics company. In 2015 I cofounded Elite Product Sourcing with Jeremy Wilson and Brianna Moller Green where we provide OA services to other Amazon sellers. In 2016 I left my full time job and bought a small warehouse. My first year full time was 2017 and netted $2.9M in sales with a small staff and 2500 sqft warehouse. In addition to the profit from selling products we had nearly $40,000 in cash back and rewards purchasing items online. We continue to expand and expect to do $5M + in 2018.

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