Chris Field

Chris Field, Chairman of Retail Connections is an independent retail analyst, industry speaker and broadcast commentator. Chris was a journalist for the Financial Times, Retail Week and edited Retail Technology magazine for 10 years. Formerly commissioning editor of TIME magazine Europe, Chris also chairs many industry conferences including BRC 20:20, Future Stores, and Mobile Shopping. He is retained by the National Retail Federation in the US to recruit non-US retailer to the speaking platforms at the Big Show in New York each January. As well as one of Sky News’ go-to retail commentators, Chris speaks regularly at international conferences on retailing and has a bold and often controversial opinions around the current state of retail and how retailers need to work with technology providers to digitally transform in what is an increasingly competitive and challenging trading environment.

  • Company:Retail Connections
  • Short Bio:Independent retail analyst, industry speaker and broadcast commentator
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