Dan Wentworth

Dan and his wife Michelle have been selling on-line full time for 20 years, building their Ebay business into a 7 figure business. They made the transition to Amazon in 2015, increasing that business to now approach 8 figures. Dan brings another 20 years of retail experience to the table and used the skills he learned as a district manager to scale and expand his business. Their company now operates several locations throughout the country. Appreciative of the lifestyle that running an Amazon business allows him to live, Dan has always been willing to encourage others to follow the same path, helping dozens of men and women get started and grow their e-commerce business. Dan possesses the critical skills needed to not only survive the changing Amazon world, but to thrive in it. Focused on cash flow, ROI, minimizing debt (none!) and growing new business, he has enabled his team of 20 employees to continue to be market leaders.

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