Daniel Agostinelli

Daniel began his career at 16, working in a music store. From there he went on to buy his own Music store in Sydney with business partner Brett Blundy & together they went on to build Sanity Music from 1 store in his mother’s Rumpus room.

Daniel sold out of the business after a public listing on the stock exchange in 1997. At 29 years old, he went to London looking for something new. He noticed trend setters wearing “trainers” & thought “this should catch on in Australia”. Daniel enthusiastically rushed back to Australia & bought a broken business of 5 stores named “Ghetto shoes” he re-branded & grew the business from 5 stores to 42 in only 2 years and sold it.

In 2006 Accent Group (a wholesale supplier to Ghetto shoes) aspired to get into the retail space and sought out Daniel to be an equity partner. From there, Accent bought 8 retail stores (Platypus) and again, he re-branded & grew the business.

Today the Accent group boasts over 460 stores. The business merged with RCG Group in May 2015 & in March 2016 purchased Hype DC. Daniel is now the Group CEO of Accent Group Limited which has 11 retail divisions, 10 wholesale divisions & 460 stores under 10 banners. They are a publicly listed company (AX1) with sales approaching $1 Billion and a market cap of $900 million with aspirations to enter the Asian market in 2018.

  • Company:Accent Group Limited
  • Short Bio:Group CEO
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