Eric Martindale

As President and CEO of Elite Commerce Group, he and his team have leaned hard into the more technical side of digital selling, including the creation of their own proprietary in-house software for Amazon and Walmart ad management. He and his team sell on a dozen non-Amazon Marketplaces, and they continue to seek out new and unique digital Marketplaces to explore. As Founder and CEO of Elite Commerce Group, Eric J. Martindale is is devoted to bridging the gap for buyers and sellers around the world. Eric was/is a U.S. Marine officer with two combat tours to Iraq and one to Afghanistan. He was born and raised in Pennsylvania and has also lived in Virginia, North Carolina, Missouri, and California. He attended Liberty University from 1998 to 2002, where he graduated with a B.A. in Administration of Justice. He later completed his MBA at Villanova University in 2016.

  • Company:Suburban Street Trading Company, Elite Commerce Group
  • Short Bio:President and CEO
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