Flavio Medeiros

Flavio has been an entrepreneur since 2004 in various fields, including selling online. In addition to eCommerce, Flavio has vast experience with digital marketing, web design, and social media.

He currently builds brands utilizing social media strategies, and sells mostly Print on Demand online via Amazon, Etsy, and eBay. He runs 3 etsy shops and is an expert navigating all the options of the platform, optimizing your shop for branding, customer experience, and using tools to boost sales. He will talk about all things Etsy and how you can get involved with the fastest growing eCommerce platform.

He resides in the Hudson Valley in New York with his wife and 3 boys, spending time in sports (especially hockey), and enjoys family activities and traveling.

  • Company:Etsy
  • Short Bio:Etsy Print on Demand Specialist, Author, Content Creator
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